Venice can be a difficult city to navigate even after years of visiting. While this is part of its charm, having a few tricks up your sleeve can help greatly. Here we want to share with your our favorite phone apps we use to get around and we hope you find them helpful. 

The 4 Phone Apps we recommend you look into:


In general instructions in Venice follow the lines of ‘sempre dritto’ (always straight), which is ironic because there are very few straight streets in Venice.   For this reason we have created our online map which we have personalized to include all of our favorite restaurants, bars, sights and even rubbish collection spots. This can be downloaded and used off line. Feel free to add to this and make it a map memory for when you come back.


It is an app that very simply gives you access to the vaporetto times and keeps an eye on which stops are closest to you. Now, when you are on holiday mode you may not care so rigidly about which vaporetto you get but sometimes a few minutes here or there can make a big difference. This keeps live updates so you can also be up to date on any delays and weather warnings. Download it here.

High Tide Venice – Hi!Tide

This app may be more relevant for our Winter visitors but you never know. This tide monitoring app will let you know if and when to expect Acqua Alta, but also more on a more regular note when the tide will be at its max and when it will be at its lowest. Taxi drivers are dependent on this and so you will also find them using this app.  This may be of interest also if you are planning on going to the LIDO in the summer time. Download it here.

Venezia Unica App

Find out more information about this here, but the app is almost essential if you are here for more than a few days because the card, (which you can recharge from the app) allows you to enter many more museums, find special vouchers, travel more regularly on vaporettos and in general make the most of your time in Venice. They by no means, allow access to all the wonders in Venice, but it’s a good start.