Visiting Venice in Summer may have received a bad rap other the last few years. And whilst it is true that winters mysterious charm is no where to be found during the long innocent and care free days of Summer, it has its own rhythm and fun.

If you know what you are doing in summer in Venice, you will know which streets are shadier and where the best watering holes are (i.e bars). The pace is different in summer, and it is almost the inversion of winter. Where as before the sun light was a treasured illusive thing that exists little during the day, in summer it is avoided as much as possible. The best hours are early and late.

During the middle of the day, walks should be taken slowly, deck chairs should be opened and ice chilled. We choose to take these lazy days to experiment with new flavours, fresh and colourful.  The market is overflowing with ripe fruit and local vegetables.

Our Chefs have been developing original recipes, as well as discovering traditional ones from folk law and word of mouth.  Discover more of our menu here or contact us with your own requests.


That you have chosen to have your own apartment during your holiday in Venice changes the experience already. But above all it offers the unique possibility to experience a private and top quality dinner amongst only your friends and family.  Our chefs will happily meet you at the market, where you can enjoy the local scene and choose the flavours that you would like, or else we can take care of everything whilst you enjoy your holiday.

(some ) Of our SUMMER FLAVOURS

Bacon wrapped scallops with peach carpaccio…

…Risotto with Shrimps and Zucchini

Turbot with cherry tomatoes, capers, olives and potatoes…

Panna cotta with fresh Raspberries