Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Truly Venice is owned and managed by Property Solutions Gmbh, its registered office is located at Moosackerweg 24, Biel-Benken, 4105 (CH), Switzerland. This Privacy Policy applies when you visit or search our website, when you register with Truly Venice, when you book a property or purchase other services.

Our website is designed in such a way that the use of your personal data will be kept to a minimum and will not exceed the purposes for which it was collected and/or processed. We do not process your personal data, apart from when it is strictly necessary or upon request by relevant public authorities or the police.

In general terms, handling of your personal data is disciplined by the Swiss Federal Law on data protection of 19/06/1992. Your data shall not be disclosed to third parties for purposes which are not permitted by law or without your express consent. For further information on our Privacy Policy, please contact us at


Every effort is made to ensure that the information provided on this website is correct and up to date. However, no absolute guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of the information, and you are advised to check details of dates, pricing etc. by contacting us directly when making your booking. Property Solutions will not be liable for any inconvenience that may arise in the unlikely event of incorrect information being published on this website.

Copyright statement

The copyright in the material, text and images, contained in this website belongs to Property Solutions. You may not copy any part of this material, in any way, without the prior written permission of Property Solutions with the exception of the details of each apartment which are formatted to be printed out in hardcopy.

The HTML and JavaScript code in this website is subject to intellectual property rights reserved by Property Solutions or by other third parties. You may not copy any part of the code without the prior written permission of the copyright owner. Please contact us in the first instance if you require further information about any of the code in this website.