After talking with a few friends recently, it would seem that not everyone shares my thoughts on November in Venice, but I have to say that this does not surprise me.

Whilst I will always want the days to be that much longer, I cannot say with all honesty that I miss the days during summer when it was just too hot to even leave the house.


Then again there was September, which this year was particularly specia. The blue blue skies seemed to reject the arrival of winter and instead we were given a few stolen days, meaning that we escaped in boats and made excuses not to work for far longer than usual.

However, as tomorrow as we have just arrived at the beginning of November, it seems only right that finally the season has changed.

It is a really wonderful time of year to visit Venice for many reasons but the ones that stand out to me above all, are small moments rather than specific grand events.  The mood matures slightly, as jackets are donned and people are less frivolous with their time outside. The light on the water is more crystal than the summer butteryness, and the evenings are cosier and longer. In between all these more visible changes there is also an undercurrent that runs through the whole of winter. It is something that I think is due to the ‘romantic’ history of Venice, an elevated air of secrecy and mischief, as people move under the cover of darkness from calle to calle, the next, meeting in whispered voices that seem out of place in Summer time. This may all just be a feeling I get, but I think there is something about Winter, November that is far more Romantic than any other month.

What to do in Venice in November: 

Make the most of the final days of the Biennale with fewer crowds and closing parties (if you are around for the final weekend).

Enjoy the peace and quiet of Citys Public Museums

Take part of the Festivities on the 21st November; Festa Ddella Salute

Hideaway with an Ombra in a Bacaro for a long evening

Treat yourself to a spa evening at the Bauer

Indulge in a rich hot chocolate;

Vizio Virtu Chocolate: for taste

Florian: for atmosphere

Ca’Rezzonico: for culture

Fujiyama Tea House

Visit Mazzorbo for a long Sunday Lunch

Come home to your apartment, with a four-course, candle-lit dinner cooked by our chefs, book here

A few seasonal flavours not to miss;

Tartuffi- Truffles

Radicchio- Chicory

Cachi- Permissons

Carciofi- Artichoke

Fagioli- Beans

Mandarini- tangerines

Finocchio- Fennel

Cavolo Fiori- Cabbage

Anatra- Duck

Musetto- similar to a sausage, using the best meat it is boiled and served in slices