Enjoy a little video from our team that explores what the Venice Carnival is like!

The Venice Carnival is world famous. It has always taken place during the ten days leading up to Shrove Tuesday (or Fat Tuesday). The event was first held in Venice in the 11th century and consisted of over 2 months of revelry. This lasted until it fell into decline during the 18th century. The festival was revived in 1979 with great success and nowadays it serves as a fabulous excuse to don a mask and costume, parade around the city. Those who visit during this time get to enjoy a bit of live music in the main squares of the city, a multitude of events organized by the tourist board and a wonderful open-air festival where everyone can join in or watch as a bystander. Awesome costumes are displayed during a “costume contest” in St Mark’s Square and Venice is the perfect back-drop for amazing photographs.

A small bit of Venice Carnival history

Originally, carnival was a festival held in the streets. Venetians dressed in masks and costumes, reveling all day and night in their animosity ( read more about the masks of Venice ). This at least explains why the rest of the world are so attracted to the idea of ​​carnival. As otherwise essentially it is a very local festival with traditions such as the 12 Marias, that are unique to Venice’s history alone.

Over the last few years however, there has been a slight shift to host exclusive parties in spectacular palazzos. But we believe that the fun of Carnival is still to be found walking through the calles, past the sweet pasticerias, watching tiny children dressed as unicorns, and elegant Signore in embroidered gowns and feather-plumed hair.  

The real events are the ones that we always want to bring your attention. They are open to everyone, and a wonderful combination between spontaneous revelry and hundreds of years of tradition.

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