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» Why should I book with Truly Venice?

Truly Venice, is managed by a young entrepreneurial and multi-lingual team that is well-trained, friendly and there to personally assist you in any part of the booking process, as well as  providing you with invaluable information about the city and its culture. Furthermore, we guarantee quick, easy and secure online booking 24/7. We personally select all our apartments for their charming canal views, excellent locations and comfort. We offer a broad range of apartments, from Studios to Luxury Noble Floors, all of which are elegantly furnished and well looked after. All details about the apartments, locations, varying sizes, as well as other useful information and photographs are available on our website.
Enjoy planning your unforgettable holiday with Truly Venice!

» What distinguishes Truly Venice from a Hotel?

We offer fully furnished holiday homes in Venice where you can enjoy your personal space, be more flexible and independent, whilst still receiving hotel quality services. Linen and cleaning services can be arranged on request as well as restaurant bookings. With us you will discover, in total comfort, a Truly Venetian way of living!

» What is the minimum rental period & when can I arrive?

Generally the minimum rental period is 7 nights, although some apartments may be available for less. You will find the minimum rental period for each apartment stated on our website. Essentially, the longer you stay the more you save! You will note that shorter periods are proportionally more expensive due to fixed costs of cleaning, check-in and check-out etc. Whereas longer periods are usually more convenient.
You can arrive any day of the week. There is no fixed change-over day that you have to stick to.

» Is the Rental Fee all inclusive?

The Rental Fee is inclusive of one set of clean sheets and towels per week per person, post stay cleaning costs and welcoming service upon arrival. Additional cleaning services, sheets & towels may be available upon request, the cost of which is to be paid separately at the end of your stay.
Only during certain periods of the year are the utility costs are included and the daily consumption limit of each apartment is stated on the web page. These perimeters have been carefully put in place so that we are confident you will be able to have a comfortable stay both in summer and in winter when air conditioning or heating is required. If tenants control energy dissipation by closing the windows, keeping the internal temperature between 20 and 22 Celsius degrees and switching off lights and appliances when not at home, most likely there will be no extra charge.

» Is a maid service available?

Additional cleaning services, sheets & towels may be available upon request, the cost of which is to be paid separately, either in cash at the end of your stay or by credit card. Please let us know if you require this service at the time of your booking, so that we can make all the necessary arrangements in advance.

» What sort of facilities can I expect?

All our apartments feature wi-fi internet, at least one bathroom and a kitchen (or kitchenette), which is fully equipped with a range of utensils, crockery and appliances such as a fridge and a stove. Usually you'll also find the basic ingredients for cooking such as salt, sugar, pepper and oil as well as dish washing liquid, sponges and garbage bags. Our bathrooms are fitted with three towels per person (large, medium and small) as well as toilet paper and hand soap.
We are more than happy to oblige any special requests for wine or food, for instance fresh seasonal fruit, therefore please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

» How can I find out if the apartment is available?

You may request the availability of an apartment on our website on the right hand side of the apartment page. Enter your traveling dates and you will immediately see if the apartment is available and at what rental fee.

» Why & how do I have to pay a Security Deposit?

As the name reveals, this deposit acts as security for all parties involved, the Holidaymaker, the Property Owner and Property Solutions.
The Security Deposit must be paid by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) upon arrival before receiving the keys to the apartment, either to the Property Owner or his representative. The Security Deposit will only be refunded upon departure once an inspection of the apartment has been completed. The Security Deposit will not be debited on your card unless the apartment suffers any losses, damages or thefts during your stay.

» How far in advance can I book?

Our properties can be booked up to 1.5 years in advance.

» What is the cancellation policy?

Please click here to read it.

» Do you provide cribs?

We can provide a foldable baby bed for 50 euro for your entire stay, please request it on your Booking Form.

» Is it permitted to smoke?

All our apartments are non-smoking apartments hence it is strictly forbidden to smoke inside. It is however allowed to smoke on the terrace and balconies.


» What is meant by Instant Availability Check & how does it work?

Before placing a booking you must ensure that the chosen apartment is available over those dates. Once you have inserted your planned arrival and departure dates on our website you will immediately receive confirmation as to whether the apartment is available. If the apartment is available you may proceed with your booking using the Booking Form provided on the apartment page.

» What is meant by Request Availability & how does it work?

If availability cannot be checked in real time, you may request the availability by filling out the little form provided on the relevant apartment page. You will receive an e-mail from our staff within two working days as to the availability of the apartment chosen. In this e-mail you will find a link to follow which allows you to proceed with your booking by paying either 40% or 100% of the rental fee. This form must be completed within 2 working days of having received the written confirmation of availability.

» How do I reserve a Truly Venice apartment?

Our apartments can be booked on the respective apartment pages (unless it is one of the few apartments you have to request availability first). You will be required to pay a Rental Deposit of 40% or 100% if your arrival date is less than 4 weeks from when you made the booking. You will receive written confirmation of your booking by e-mail as soon as the payment is successfully received (we accept Visa and MasterCard, 1.5% transaction fee applies) or when we have received the bank transfer.

» By when must the rental balance be paid?

Generally the Rental Balance (60%) must be received no later than 4 weeks prior to your stated arrival. Some Rental Balances however can be settled in cash upon arrival. Please follow the instructions provided on your Booking Form or contact us for further information.
If you make a booking under 4 weeks prior to your stated arrival, the entire Rental Fee must be received within 2 working days of receiving the written confirmation of availability.

» How much is the Security Deposit?

Generally the Security Deposit is €400 but it varies depending on the apartment. Please check the exact amount requested on the respective apartment page. Long-term rentals excluded.

Arrival & Departure

» What time can I check-in?

Check-in time is normally after 14.00 but in most cases you will be able to drop off your bags at the apartment anytime after 10.30am. You will then have to leave the apartment until it is ready for you (max. by 14.00). To ensure a smooth check-in and no waiting please enter your arrival information on your Booking Form as soon as possible.

» At what time do I have to check-out?

Check-out time is 10.00 am, unless previously agreed otherwise in writing. You may be able to store your luggage at the apartment or stay later if nobody is arriving at your apartment that same day. Please contact us via e-mail no later than 48 hours prior to check-out time to see whether you can stay longer or store your luggage. If this is not possible we can suggest an alternative safe place to store your luggage .

» How do I reach the apartment?

Please refer to the detailed information in the INFO section of our website. You can take public transportation or we can arrange private water taxi transfers for you.

» When & where do I receive/return the keys?

The keys will be handed over directly at the apartment, once the Security Deposit has been paid. The keys will be collected by the property owner or one of his/her representatives at the apartment upon departure.

» Why should I inform you on my means of transport?

You are kindly requested to inform us no later than 7 days prior to arrival, about your intended arrival time, the flight/train number etc. in order for us to organize the handover of the apartment keys and ensure that your arrival in Venice will be as smooth and comfortable as possible.


» Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we accept VISA and MasterCard. Please be aware that 1.5% transaction fee applies on credit and debit card payments.

» Can I pay by bank transfer?

Yes, our bank details can be found in our Terms and Conditions and they will be provided on your Booking Form once you have chosen to pay by bank transfer. You are required to send us the bank's receipt of the payment either via e-mail or fax within 2 working days of your receipt of the written confirmation of availability. Please make sure to pay the amount stated on your booking form net of transaction fees.

» Can I choose to pay in Swiss Francs?

Yes, you may pay in Swiss Francs although all prices are advertised and fixed in Euros. If you wish to do so, you will be advised of the prevailing exchange rate of that day in Swiss francs at the time of your booking.

» Still in doubt?

If you have any other question please feel free to drop us a line!

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