Cooking Classes

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Chiara and Marco were great. First impressions matter and both arrived with big smiles and perfect English. We instantly felt like a family of cooks. Market vendors greeted them personally, consulted on the best ingredients, and made Rialto market and a nearby historic spice shop the great appetizer for what was to follow.

Once back in the apartment time wasn't wasted. Everyone got to chop and snip and roll dough and shape pasta. We stirred, noted, learned, and laughed all the way to the table. For my first home cooked meal in Italy I couldn't have been happier. Even the kids did the typical Italian thing: Start the table conversation quietly and then just get louder and louder until the whole table is talking with wild gestures and passion.
Some things can only be explained or experienced through food.

We recommend Chiara and Marco as guides to that little piece of Venice not found in the alleys. Pasta and famiglia

August 2015, Stammel and family (United States)

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