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Venice from the rooftops

Venice is made up of many layers, physically and psychologically. Shops, faces and styles will change, but the structure of the City is loyal. This is what you see from above and here are our top three suggestions of where to find your view.

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Arts & Music

Musica a Palazzo

Experience some of the greatest Operas in the intimate environment of an authentic Venetian Palazzo

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Welcome to the Truly Venice Blog

Truly Venice are extremely happy to announce the arrival of our new blog. It will be our space to share with you everything you need to fully experience Venice during your stay. We will post news of upcoming events, Venetian traditions and of course our culinary experimentations.

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How to use the Autumn flavours

The season has changed in Venice and it is most visible in the mercato. Here are the flavours of Autumn and how we have introduced them into our private dinner menu.